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What you ReceivePremiumRegular
Have a coach assigned to you for Accountability
receive personalized feedback, video reviews, and individualised assistance with competition prep
communicate directly with your coach
the training programmes
accessory programmes: barbell, gymnastics & endurance
access to the app to view the programmes, log your scores, view training history and track progresss
access to all of our educational content
access to our interactive leaderboards and the ability to like, comment and engage with other athletes
access to our community chat forum
receive discounts on the process apparel, camps, seminars and competitions
receive programme 1 week in advance

why choose the process programming?


We provide structured training programmes, with clearly defined goals and prerequisites.


We educate our subscribers on that what, why and how behind their training, through detailed coaching notes, individual coaches feedback, shared journaling, educational videos, and chat forums.


The programme is created and monitored by a team of experienced coaches, with an extensive background in the sport of fitness.


We provide individual feedback on technique, and how to make adjustments to the programme, to ensure that we are always moving forward.


We are a global community brought together through our leaderboards, social media channels, chat forums, seminars, and camps.


We deliver our programmes using the best athlete tracking and workout delivery programme available: wodup

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